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Dealing With Paternity Issues In ArizonaWhat Happens If A Father Denies Paternity In Arizona?

Resolving cases where a father has denied paternity is usually straightforward in Arizona– the first step is typically to order a DNA paternity test. The DNA test will often reliably tell us whether that person is the father.

Can A Father Get Custody For A Child If He Is Not Married To The Mother?

A father can absolutely get custody of their child even if the parents were never married. It happens more often these days, since more people who aren’t married are having kids.

We see these paternity cases most often because, before the court gives someone parenting rights, they will want to ensure that parent is, in fact, the child’s father. Because of this, we call these types of cases paternity establishment cases.

Can A Father In Arizona Be Required To Pay Child Support If He Has Never Seen His Child?

A father can be required to pay child support to a child he has never seen. In fact, this happens all the time, usually when a mother contacts a state agency like the Department of Economic Security (DES) to have a child support order set up against the dad. These orders can reach back up to three (3) years prior to a case being filed, which can result in a high amount of back support (arrears) owed by dad when the case is finally decided.

Often, this is a result of the dad disappearing during pregnancy or after the birth, never interacting with the child, and never helping to pay for anything.

This is just one reason why dads need to stick around, be involved in their kid’s life, and get custody and child support orders in place as soon as possible. Not only will establishing dedicated parenting time lower the amount of support you must pay, you’ll also enjoy getting to spend time with your child and will help prevent a build-up of child support arrears.

Can Paternity Be Challenged In Arizona?

Typically, if a person wants to legally challenge paternity, the court will order a DNA test. However, there are instances where the court has denied a request for paternity testing. As such, paternity can be challenged in Arizona, but the court will not always grant that request to challenge paternity.

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