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At Cactus Blossom Legal LLC, divorce is a dominant family law matter in which we have extensive experience. However, we are aware that other family law matters often accompany divorce. Another ordinary family law matter that may or may not accompany divorce includes cases that seek to establish custody or outline specific parental rights. A common point of contention in these cases is parenting time. Parenting time refers to a court order that specifies the windows of time each parent has access to a child.

Legal cases that seek to establish parental rights are becoming more common as people are putting off getting married (or avoiding it entirely). If two people aren’t married but have kids together, they can usually file a legal case to establish parental rights. The court will establish the details on which parent has which specific rights relating to each respective child or the single child. The good news is, unlike divorce, there are usually no property division or spousal maintenance issues. Instead, we arrange parenting time plans, decide who has the legal right to make crucial decisions for the kids, and reason who should pay child support. The bad news is that custody is still a very subjective issue. Who knows the best interests of the children? Reasonable people can disagree about what is best for a child, and when that happens, the court has to step in. What is best for one child might not be best for another. Thus, there is no “one size fits all” approach to parenting plans or legal decision-making.

Additionally, child custody matters can be an emotional issue for both the parents and the children involved. It can also be a high point of contention and make parents feel like the stakes are higher than ever. Frequently, both parties are determined to have it their way at any cost. However, the court must ensure that the children’s best interests remain the highest priority. The courts will typically attempt to appoint joint custody with fairness in mind. The common reasoning is that it is generally good for the child to have a healthy relationship with both parents in most cases. The only exception is when a parent has been neglectful or abusive to a child. That being said, if your child should be in your custody for the child’s safety and well-being, we especially want to do everything in our power to secure child custody for you. If your legal opponent has an attorney, having the right parenting time attorney at your side is especially imperative to gain parenting time rights successfully.

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Suppose you require access to an experienced custody family lawyer who understands the law and how current decisions will affect your options and future proceedings. David Mercer has practiced law locally in Surprise, Arizona, for over five years. David’s firm, Cactus Blossom Legal LLC, is prepared to advise in a free consultation. Without an experienced custody lawyer, you may unintentionally make decisions that negatively affect your options and proceedings. Please take action to protect yourself and call us now!

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