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Cactus Blossom Legal LLC

Cactus Blossom Legal is a law firm based in the West Valley of Phoenix, Arizona. We primarily help people with family law and bankruptcy cases. We offer both in-person and virtual consultations. We are located in Surprise, Arizona, on the second floor of the Office Evolution building, and our major cross-streets are Bell Road and Reems Road.

Why Us

The thing that sets us apart from many other law firms is that we take the time to hear your story, craft our advocacy, strategy, and overall case around your goals, and then do our best to achieve those goals. Many law firms will treat you like a number and treat your case like just another mark in their ledger. We try to do more than that because we believe that getting to know you and taking the time to understand your case will allow us to better represent you.

Meet Attorney David R. G. Mercer

David R. G. Mercer

David graduated Summa Cum Laude as co-valedictorian of his class from Arizona Summit Law School and received his LL.M. from Arizona State University School of Law. He is licensed to practice in all state courts in the State of Arizona and in the Federal District Court – District of Arizona (which includes the federal bankruptcy court).

David previously founded and worked at AZ 3D Law, a nonprofit law firm that assisted low-to-moderate income individuals with family law, bankruptcy, probate, and estate planning cases. David found the work very rewarding, and appreciated the opportunity to help people who otherwise could not have afforded legal representation. David’s favorite thing was helping underdogs prevail in seemingly hopeless cases. David also worked as Of Counsel for Moorhead Law and Urgent Law, where he continued to provide valuable legal advice and services at affordable rates. David has since moved on to found Cactus Blossom Legal, where he currently works.

Family Law

Family Law

Legal matters surrounding your family have the potential to make one’s life much more complicated and challenging, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. With the right family lawyer in Surprise, AZ, what may have been a costly and trying experience can be significantly simplified, and any issues that remain can often be mitigated. So whether a divorce looms on the horizon or any of the resulting orders need to be modified later down the line, Cactus Blossom Legal LLC is the place to be.

Since many of the matters which fall under the family law umbrella are so complex, it is highly recommended to work closely with a family law attorney throughout the process. However, even if you attempted to start the process alone and have realized you need professional assistance, it is never too late to seek counsel.

Especially in cases of divorce, a divorce attorney can make the difference between a favorable outcome and one that leaves you in a worse situation than you may have been in before. In addition, particularly if children are involved, it is crucial to work with an attorney since modifying the court’s decisions on custody and support can be quite challenging, as will be discussed later.

Many people think that hiring an attorney can be prohibitively expensive and challenging, but this could not be farther from the truth. While it is a popular portrayal in the media to depict lawyers as money and power-hungry, but in reality, building a relationship with one and seeking assistance for tasks both in and out of court can save you time, money, and much frustration. With options like mediation, improved ability to negotiate, and knowledge of the local rules and regulations surrounding divorce and questions of support and custody, any matter can be handled efficiently with the best chances for success.

Even if you have completed your divorce with another attorney, it is always an option to hire a new one who fits your needs if making an attempt to modify any previous judgments. Since almost no divorces are settled with one party getting everything they want, it is sometimes necessary to request modifications. However, this process can be exceedingly complex, so having a pre/postnuptial lawyer at your side can make all the difference.

However, getting the custody and support decisions right the first time is critical. Since modification is costly in both time and money, it is always preferable to avoid it altogether. To do this, however, a knowledgeable and resourceful child custody attorney is a must. With the right attorney by your side in Surprise, AZ, what may have been a frustrating and challenging process can be mitigated in many ways.

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One of the central tenets of bankruptcy law is the ability for anyone who has fallen into insurmountable levels of debt to find relief and a fresh start. Do you have creditors and collections agencies nagging and harassing you? If so, filing for chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy will put a halt to any harassment and will allow you to begin again with a clean slate. However, finding a bankruptcy attorney in Arizona is crucial, as requirements vary around the country and will affect your case significantly.

While it can be confusing at first to know which type of bankruptcy is right for your situation, a bankruptcy attorney can clear it up quickly. However, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. For example, in chapter 7 bankruptcy, the primary method of debt dispersal is the liquidation of your assets to achieve a clean slate. In chapter 13, however, you will engage in a payment plan for a set period of time to pay back debts to achieve the same clean slate. However, without the right bankruptcy attorney, making the wrong choice or any other mistakes can be costly. Call Cactus Blossom Legal LLC, in Surprise, AZ, to learn more or with any questions you may have.

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Regardless of the situation you have found yourself in, the first step in any case is scheduling a consultation with Cactus Blossom Legal LLC to discuss the circumstances surrounding it. During this conversation with attorney David R. G. Mercer, you will discuss the potential case, your goals in resolving it, and potential plans of action moving forward. While there is plenty of information online surrounding all of the topics mentioned here, none of it is personalized or necessarily accurate to your unique circumstances.

Time is of the essence in many cases, so don’t hesitate to call Cactus Bloom Legal LLC in Surprise, AZ, today!

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