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“Mr. Mercer is a hard working and extremely knowledgeable attorney. I endorse this lawyer.”– Kylie Huffman-Shayeb, Family Attorney

“David, is a great colleague to have! He is knowledgeable in the areas of law that he practices. He cares about his clients and does an outstanding job for them.”– Andre Pennington, Divorce and separation Attorney

“Mr. Mercer is a pleasure to deal with and extremely knowledgeable. He is easy to speak to, understanding and kind.”– Joseph Tirello, Chapter 7 bankruptcy Attorney

“Mr. Mercer is hard working and intelligent. His clients are his priority and he provides quality service. I endorse this lawyer.”– Howard Dworman, Chapter 7 bankruptcy Attorney

“David is exceedingly friendly and highly intelligent – two superb traits to have as a lawyer. Everything he chooses to do he excels at. I always tell people I would not have gotten so many A’s in law school if I didn’t have David to study with. David volunteered a lot of his time to help people for free at Summit Law School’s clinics and he’s always dedicated to providing the client with the best course of action to take. Now, he started his own firm aimed to bridge the gap between pricey attorneys and scarce free legal clinics. He is a lifesaver to so many.”– Andrew Blischak, Chapter 7 bankruptcy Attorney

“I have known David since he was a law school student. He was active with the school’s Bankruptcy Clinic and he won an award from the Volunteer Lawyers Program for his Pro Bono work. We had a mutual pro bono client for whom he created an estate plan. David went above and beyond in this instance as the client was not enrolled in the Bankruptcy Clinic and was part of a different clinic program. I know for a fact that the client was very pleased with his work. When David accepts you as a client, you can rest assured that you will be provided with a high quality service.”– Thomas Dorsey, Estate planning Attorney

Cactus Blossom Legal LLC

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