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Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the kind of bankruptcy most people are familiar with. It involves keeping a certain amount of protected property, losing unprotected property, and getting almost all your debts wiped away, giving you a “fresh start” in life. There are income qualifications you have to meet to be able to file for this kind of bankruptcy, but with proper planning (and an accurate understanding of their finances) most people going through financial distress can meet those qualifications. There are a lot of complex, interconnected concepts in every Chapter 7 case that can have significant consequences if they aren’t properly understood and planned for before filing, so someone considering filing this kind of bankruptcy case should be careful and not just rush into it, no matter how attractive it may appear. While some people think bankruptcy is a bad thing, and somehow makes someone a “bad person” for not paying their debts, the truth is that the government realizes that people sometimes need a fresh start and need to get out from under horrific amounts of debt, and the government created this program to help people accomplish that very goal.

Cactus Blossom Legal LLC

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